Luddy Eclipse 2024

SolarBird: Community Bird Science

Look to the Sky: Investigating how birds respond to a solar eclipse through community science

This April, we are going to experience an incredible phenomenon that will unlock a rare opportunity to study the natural world. The solar eclipse is going to align with the peak of bird migration and establishment of territories. Given how limited and often anecdotal data on animal behavior during an eclipse can be, this combination of events lays the foundation for deeply exciting research. With the development of SolarBird, a community science app, we hope to encourage the public to connect with nature and the scientific process by collecting data on bird behavior throughout the progression of the eclipse. SolarBird will be accessible for individuals at all levels of expertise, from avid birders to young, budding naturalists, and data collection can happen anywhere – at home, a local park, or by looking through a window.


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Liz Aguilar; Rosvall Lab; Evolution, Ecology, and Behavior PhD Candidate

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