Luddy Eclipse 2024

K12 Outreach

Our program is also in coordination with representatives from the Monroe County Community School Corporation (MCCSC). Together, we are working on providing an interactive lesson to students at the Academy with a focus on computer science and project-based learning to teach them about the eclipse, our telescopes, and image processing. This initiative will not only forge a hopefully annual connection between Luddy and the Academy, but will provide these students with a unique learning experience that introduces that to many aspects of science and art.
Luddy students have been visiting the Academy students in their science, astronomy, and art classes throughout 3 different sessions where we learn how to gether data with the telescopes, teach them about the science behind image capture and filters, and learn how to use photoshop to process images and create timelapses with the data. The results of their project will be posted here.
In addition, the Luddy Scholars will be sending our website and instructional infromation to all staff in the MCCSC so they can encourage their K12 students to watch our livestream safely from home.

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