Luddy Eclipse 2024

Event Information

Come to our table at the Arboretum on April 8th or watch the livestream from 11-5 pm to see the solar eclipse!
The partial eclipse starts at 1:49 pm; the total eclipse will last from around 3:04-3:09 pm; the partial eclipse will end at 4:23 pm
Luddy has bought plenty of eclipse glasses for Luddy students and invites anyone at IU to come to the Arboretum and watch the eclipse occur.
We will use telescopes with white light and hydrogen alpha filters to caputure images during the partial and total eclipse. These images will be processed in real time on a livestream, and will later be made available on this website. Some examples of the capabilities of this image processing taken and edited by Paul are shown below: (Hydrogen-Alpha on left; White Light on right)

Source and more available at: Macklin Astrobin

According to the path NASA has predicted, the eclipse will be in totality directly over Bloomington, Indiana, the home of Indiana University.
Therefore, we found it fitting for a group in the Luddy School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering to get involved.

More in Bloomington

Since this is such a huge event for Bloomington, other programs associated with Indiana University have programs that would be neat to look at.
The Saturday before, April 6th, IU is hosting a Science Fest in Franklin Hall, where the Luddy team will have 2 tables showing our telescope views. Our tables will be on the Plaza of Owen Hall, or the Earthly Realms from 9am to 3pm. Students and Staff can preview the Luddy School's livestream of the total solar eclipse. We will offer safe live public viewing of the Sun in white light and hydrogen-alpha. (live imaging on large screens) There will be accompanying posters on eclipse + background on imaging. Find out more about this event at Science Fest at IU
The Luddy team is also in correspondence with Liz Aguilar, a biologist in the College who is leading development of a community science app for the eclipse, to observe changes in bird behavior. Download the app and submit information regarding animal behavior to be featured in their research! This app is called SolarBird and is now live. See the page SolarBird for details!
Our program is also in coordination with representatives from the Monroe County Community School Corporation (MCCSC). See Academy Outreach We are providing an interactive lesson to students at the Academy with a focus on astronomy, science, art, and project-based learning. The focus will be the eclipse, our telescopes, and image processing.
IU is also hosting an event in Memorial Stadium on the date of the eclipse, April 8th from 1-5pm. The event features dancing, singing, and other forms of artistic expression culminating in a lecture by Mae Jemison, the first African-American woman in space, a spoken word piece/musical presentation on the history of the universe by cultural icon William Shatner, and a full musical set by acclaimed actress, recording artist, and Grammy Award nominee Janelle Monae. The event welcomes students, faculty, staff, and community members over the duration of the eclipse as it culminates with four minutes of totality at 3:04-3:08 pm. Ticket link and more information is available at: IU Eclipse Events

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